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Dupont is a 6 year old Golden Retriever that thinks he's my "other" son!  He is a well-balanced, well trained dog that has exceeded my dreams and expectations.  His favorite thing to chase is a new tennis ball.  He loves the outdoors and is right at home diving in or just swimming around at the local watering hole.  He rides shotgun on every trip we take.  Dupont is currently training for his UDX title.  He stays busy with Therapy visits.

Jasper - A two year old Gold with Black mask Shih Tzu weighing in at 15 pounds.  He is such a momma's boy and loves being her cuddlebug.  He completed family pet class and will hopefully start the CGC in June.  His sister Akira - is 10 pounds, but don't let her size fool you she can be a very feisty little girl when she wants to be.  She's Daddy's little princess and has him wrapped around her little paw.  I am hoping to get her into Family Pet Class this March.  They both love to go bye-bye and get very upset if they don't get to go.

Jasper & Akira


Yellow Lab, Darby is always happy and has never met a stranger.  She and dad, Rick Dalessandro, enjoy competing in obedience and rally trials.  At 4 years old she has earned her UD (Utility Dog) title and is well on her way to achieving her UDX (Utility Dog Excellent) title.  She also has her RAE (Rally Advance Excellent) title. Darby has also competed in Dock Diving competitions with a best jump of 18’3”.  As a certified Therapy Dog, she enjoys visiting local nursing homes.  In her spare time she is training for agility competition.  What really makes Darby's day is a good game of frisbee or swimming with her dog friends. 
This is Kate Clevenger's pack.  Romy is a spirited Doberman who loves to learn new things, Scout is a Miniature Schnauzer mix who enjoys therapy dog visits, Rylee is a Jack Russell Terrier who wants nothing more than to snuggle.  Kimber is a mix breed retired from agility and now lives to happily nap in the sun. 

Mister Riggs is the newest addition to Kate's pack.  He is a happy little Chihuahua mix who enjoys clicker training, howling, wrestling his sisters (even the Doberman) and having the "ZOOMS".

Romy, Scout, Rylee, Kimber

Mister Rigs

Kate's Pack


Zoey is a 3 year old German Shepherd. She is always happy (and if you look close enough you can see her beautiful smile). She is full of energy and loves the outdoors. Zoey likes any agility type activities as well. Zoey also likes to play ball, run and chase squirrels in the woods, but her favorite outdoor activities are long walks in the woods, exploring, with her human  family. Zoey has completed her CGC Certification, family pet and puppy class.  

Harley, my first rescue dog, came into our family as a 10 week old pup and is now 5 yrs. old. We were told that she is a Lab/Husky Mix but those in the know believe that she is a Retriever/Husky Mix. Harley's credentials include CGC & TDIA. As a certified Therapy Dog she enjoys therapy visits & expects some loving from everyone that she meets. Harley also enjoys napping with the cat, playing with other dogs, begging me for treats, and going anywhere that I will take her.


John's Pack

We often refer to our home as the Golden Palace. These 3 dogs add just the right amount of fun, entertainment, and love to our home. Savannah is 9 yrs. old and is the queen of the palace. She manages all activities from the safety of her pillow while still watching her favorite TV programs. Jenna, is 7 yrs. old and spends her time in the Obedience ring and visiting our local hospital, nursing homes, and college campuses as a Certified Therapy dog. She relishes the patient attention. She never misses an opportunity to correct her son, Salmon, who is 3 yrs. old and is full of energy, passion, and has an incredible retrieving instinct. He has a personal best of piling 11 shoes at the front door as soon as we leave. His soft mouth doesn't even leave a bite mark on the leather!

Mr. Woo-This is our "old man". He is a 14 year-old Boxer. He came to us as a rescue situation nearly four years ago. His previous family was moving and couldn't take him along so we took him. He hasn't had any formal obedience training either but can sit and walks perfectly on a leash. Despite some hearing loss and bladder incontinence, his health has been impeccable. It's amazing as this breed has a life span of 9-11 years max. He is a super sweet boy! His favorite spot is on his big, comfy bed in the living room. He doesn't do a lot of "playing" but does enjoy the occasional chew bone. He was born with the inability to bark. He is very protective of his family and I think would fight with his last bit of strength to keep us out of harms way. He doesn't need the "bark" to intimidate whoever may be standing on the other side of that door! He is a very muscular, strong boy despite his advanced age. We love him and are just trying to enjoy these remaining senior years with him as we know they are fleeting.

Dagwood (Daggy)-This big boy came to me as a rescue. He is a 5 year-old 100+ pound Golden Retriever. He has never had any formal obedience training with me but must have had something in his past with a previous owner. He knows how to sit and shake. He always comes when he is called. He is a very gentle giant who loves the company of other canines, children, and car rides. However, he isn't fond of thunderstorms or loud noises. He pretty much has to stay on a diet at all times as he never seems to get enough to eat and does like to beg a little more than we'd like. He's been an awesome addition to our family since August of 2012.

Jingles-This sweet boy is my pride and joy! He is a Goldendoodle and my very first puppy that I've had the pleasure of raising and training. I truly couldn't ask for a better dog! He came into my life at 11 weeks of age and I started training classes with him at 16 weeks. He successfully passed Puppy Preschool, Puppy Prep School, and then the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) class. From there he went on to take his Therapy Dog test at just a little over one her of age. He is now nearly 2 1/2 years old and is my best friend. He makes me the most proud when we are out visiting our Hospice patients in their extended care facilities. There was nothing that I did, or could have done, to "make" him a therapy dog. He was definitely born to be one! He loves his two older canine brothers and gets along with his three human siblings quite well also. He loves most every dog that comes his way and is all about play, play, play! He enjoys playing fetch with a tennis ball and his favorite boy, Sam. He's fairly obedient unless too many of his "buddies" are around distracting him.

Mr. Woo, Dagwood, Jingles

Penny's Pack

Cheyenne Hasecoster (Blue Skies of Cheyenne)

Cheyenne is a very happy 4-year-old German Shepherd who loves to play with her litter mate, Dakota, and chase cats.  She tends to be a couch potato, but will get up and go if anything exciting happens.  She loves to go to club events to visit with all of her friends. She is a certified Therapy Dog and has passed her CGC.  She visits with the Friends Fellowship residents whenever she can.

Dakota Hasecoster (Dakota’s Red Sunset)

Dakota is a 4-year-old German Shepherd with a reserved nature.  She and her litter mate and best friend, Cheyenne, love to be outside chasing anything that moves and helping out in the garden.  She has CGC and Therapy Dog certificates and loves to visit Friends Fellowship Community and Noah’s Ark Day Care.  She looks forward to visiting with Mira, her 5 year-old-human pal.





Hasecoster Pack




Meech & Mystique


Youkon Pack

Bubba is a 10 month old English Bulldog that will turn one on April 19. Bubba has 2 Pitbull sisters, Mystique (UKC champion) and Vetta, and two Pitbull brothers, Kong and Meech (UKC show champion).  He also has a brother named Bertie who is a Miniature Dachshund.  Bubba loves to play catch, fetch, and his favorite activity is playing on his spring pole.  Bubba can be very stubborn and is small for a Bulldog but that doesn't stop him from taking charge!  Bubba's favorite toy is his green Kong donut. Bubba has won several photo contests and has had his portrait painted by famous Bulldog artist, Drago Milic.  Bubba was recently selected by Blue Buffalo dog food to have a trading card of him made and placed in their bags so you just might find his trading card next time you buy a bag of Blue Buffalo dog food.  Bubba has recently finished his Family Pet Class and will be joining the upcoming Canine Good Citizen class.  Bubba's goal is to be a Therapy dog and to start winning some show ribbons like his sis, Mystique and brother, Meech.  Bubba has also been selected to be the Mascot for the Richmond State Hospital Patient Basketball team...The RSH Bulldogs.  Bubba loves parades and spending time at Club with his favorite pal Darby. 

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